Immediate and transparent dialoguePursuing its tradition of transparency, the Company manages with special attention the relations with Shareholders, with Investors (institutional and private investors), with financial analysts, with other market players and with the financial community, in general, in compliance with their reciprocal roles and by promoting periodic meetings in Italy and abroad.

Moreover, the Investor Relations function was set up from March 1999 in order to favour an on-going dialogue with the financial market, and was entrusted to Ms. Valeria Leone from October 2008.

The Pirelli Internet website dedicates a section called Investors designed to establish an open, immediate and transparent dialogue with all parties requiring financial information concerning Pirelli; the Investors section includes the details required for an initial contact with Pirelli for evaluation purposes: the details provided include the characteristics which identify the Company, the economic and financial data, the drivers of the various businesses in which the Pirelli Group is involved, the opinions expressed by the financial analysts, all the documentation made available in the institutional meetings with the financial community, including the accounting and corporate documentation.

Furthermore, Pirelli has prepared a section on the website dedicated to Retail investors in the case of individual investors: (, this section focuses on the main events involving the Company, the performance of the Company’s share, the implementation of strategies, business development, economic and financial results, Pirelli and PZero innovation/ products. The services offered include the following: the weekly Stock Exchange report, the share performance calculation, the quarterly Newsletter IN, Blog (Investor Channel) and Email/ SMS Alert.

The Investor Relations has an e-mail address ( to facilitate the dialogue with the Company; answers are normally provided in 24 hours to the requests received via this e-mail address, while the Investors-Contacts section includes the contact information for the individual members of the IR team for specific requests from individual and institutional analysts and investors.

The Pirelli & C. Top management and the Investor Relations also use other typical financial communication tools in order to facilitate the knowledge of the Company’s strategy, business development and the results achieved, for example: road shows, conference calls, one to one meetings and the participation in trade conferences for the businesses in which the Group is involved. Furthermore, the Company’s culture includes combining profitability and sustainability in business and has received awards since it has been included in numerous world-wide assessment indexes relating to corporate social responsibility, an area in which the Company holds a recognised leadership position. The Company also intensified the dialogue with “Ethical investors” during 2011 by participating in international conferences concerning governance and sustainability and by organising road shows dedicated to SRI funds in the principal financial centres.