Pirelli complies with the Self-Regulatory Code for listed companies issued by the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana) since the Code was first issued (in October 1999, having then complied with the July 2002 version and subsequently with the March 2006 version).

Pirelli declared its compliance with the new version of the Self-Regulatory Code (December 2011) in the Board Meeting held on March 12, 2012, the new version is published on the following website:

The Report was also written on the basis of the experimental format distributed by the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana) in February 2008 and subsequently updated in February 2010 and contains a specific section dedicated to the presentation of the risk management and internal control system in existence in relation to the financial disclosure process, as envisaged under Article 123-bis, paragraph 2, sub-section b) of the Unified Finance Law (TUF) and, with reference to the 2011 financial year, still refers to the principles and recommendations contained in the March 2006 version of the Sub-Disciplinary Code.

Non-Italian statutory provisions which may influence the Company’s corporate governance structure do not apply to Pirelli & C. at the Date of the Report.